The Avondale VIP Club is an opportunity for the City of Avondale to provide an extra special experience to those in the community who frequent the cities events. Once you sign up you will receive a QR Code the week prior to the event via email that you may use to gain access to discounts at food booths and other activities. Below is a list of the discounts offered at this year's Billy Moore Days. If you have not already signed up, sign up today by clicking the VIP button to the left!

Valid only for VIP Club Members. Use your QR Code that is emailed to you the week prior to the event to redeem these discounts.

Beer Garden - $1.00 off a beer

Cleveland Gourmet Corned Beef LLC -$1.00 off your meal:
Cleveland Style Eats ! (The Euclid) Corned Beef piled high on rye bread, swiss cheese side of hand cut potatoes fries & pickles.

Dubb Ya Bee's BBQ - $2.00 off of Each Meal
Smoked BBQ Meats ( Brisket, Pulled Pork, Rib TIps, Chicken )
Sides ( Beans, Mac n Cheese, Fries )
Crazy Fries ( Fries, Cheese, Meat, Salsa)
Drinks (Soda, Water)

Burgers Amore - $10 meal deal- burger-fries-drink ($2 off)
Variety of gourmet burgers- fries- cheese fries- chicken tenders- hot dogs- black bean veggie burgers-drinks.

DGP Gourmet Fry Bread and Funnel Cake - 10% off any purchase
Navajo Fry Bread Tacos with a choice of toppings - ground beef, beans, green chili, or red chili, Funnel Cakes with choice of topping - powder sugar, cinnamon sugar, nutella, chocolate fudge and strawberry, Corn Dogs, Fries, Burritos, chicken tenders & Drinks.

Frozen Delights and more - 9oz. shaved ice or 10% off their order
All natural shaved ice, all fruit smoothies, fresh squeezed lemon and limeade, "State Fair" mini donuts, sliced apples with caramel dip, hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, chips, ice cream novelties, champurrado, coffee, hot chocolate.

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